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Terms and Conditions for registering a FREE and PAID Domain Names

These policies are available at AGETIC and Freenom.

Point ML Content Policy

Free domains are subject to Point ML's content policy. That means that if you use a Free domain, restrictions apply for the content you may have on your website.

Download this document (PDF)

Point ML Privacy Statement

At Point ML, we are committed to protecting your privacy. We use the information we collect about you and your domain name, payment method to process registrations only. Please review the Point ML Privacy Statement for more information.

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Point ML Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy

If you and any other party, other than Point ML, have a dispute over the registration and use of a .ML domain name, the Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy applies for more information.

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Terms and Conditions for ML domain resellers

Any legal entity can apply to become a ML domain reseller, whether located in or outside of Mali. An ICANN Registrar accreditation is not required to resell ML domains.

ML domain resellers are able to connect to our platform via an API, and can resell unlimited domains.

ML domain resellers can have an infinite number of sub-resellers, who will use sub-accounts.

The Point ML Registry operates its own WHOIS (Thick Registry) and resellers are required to communicate Registrant data in order to ensure the continuity of the Registry.

Please contact us to become a reseller. A reseller information page, including the draft agreement and API specifications will be available upon request.

To review the documents, you will need adobe acrobat reader.