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About Point ML

Point ML is an initiative of the Agence des Technologies de l'Information et de la Communication (AGETIC) in Bamako, Mali.

Point ML's mission statement:

The Point ML Registry acknowledges that .ML domains can have an important social impact on the lives of the people in Mali and abroad. The mission of both AGETIC and the Point ML Registry is to increase the use of internet in Mali and the awareness of Mali in the world. Point ML directly funds AGETIC's efforts to improve the population's access to internet.

Infrastructure and Technology

AGETIC is using the infrastructure and expertise of Freenom to run the ML domain in a stable and automated way.

With its experienced management team and staff, multi-redundant backbones and DNS root-servers located in every corner of the world, Point ML can handle millions of registrations and is fully secure.

ML Stable and Secure

While Point ML intends to give away the majority of its domains for free, we will apply international best practices in trademark and IP protection. Please refer to the Point ML Policies page that has information about the Point ML content policy and anti-abuse procedures.